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Switzerland has a rich history of producing high-quality cosmetics. In fact, some of the world’s first cosmetic products were developed by Swiss chemists.

Today, there are more than 100 Swiss cosmetic companies operating worldwide. They have an excellent reputation for innovation and quality. Lubex Anti-age is one of the popular Swiss cosmetic brands among them.



Lubex Anti-age is a Swiss brand and their products are developed and manufactured right here in Therwil in the canton of Baselland in Switzerland. Permamed has accumulated 40 years of dermatological expertise with the Lubex brand. Lubex Anti-age is the product of these many years of experience.


40 years Permamed - the company behind Lubex Anti-age

In 1979, Christian Lutz established the pharma company Permamed. Started with dermatological preparations for medical skin cleansing - a core area of the company. Its operative headquarters in Therwil near Basel houses the company's own galenic development and production unit as well as the administrative and sales divisions.

Today, their independent family business has over 75 employees as well as several foreign sales and license partnerships and Permamed become one of Switzerland’s leading pharmaceutical companies in the field of dermatology. The company’s innovative pharmaceutical and dermatological preparations have been successful in the market, among doctors and specialised retailers (pharmacies and drug stores) for over 40 years.


The product of 40 years experiences - Lubex Anti-age

Permamed uses its dermatological expertise in the development of the innovative Lubex Anti-age line.

With its products and services, Permamed contributes to therapeutic progress and helps many patients improve their quality of life. A high number of product launches, including the Lubex anti-age active treatment line against skin aging, illustrates the success of their research and development.

The efficacy of the Lubex Anti-age active treatments against skin aging has been proven in clinical studies conducted by dermatologists.

The objectives of Lubex Anti-age active treatments are more beautiful and resistant skin as well as a clear anti-aging effect. In cooperation with leading Swiss dermatologists this brand continuously develops new treatments for the innovative dermatological Lubex Anti-age line.

Lubex Anti-age is especially designed for reliable efficacy, high quality and good skin tolerability:

Optimal combination of high-dose anti-aging ingredients and pleasant textures.

The anti-aging effect on the skin has been proven in clinical studies carried out by dermatologists.

Complete avoidance of animal experiments - in development as well as testing.

Free of preservatives, allergenic perfumes, colour additives and paraffin oil.


Recommended products:

  1. Lubex anti-age hydrating oil

Lubex anti-age hydration oil significantly contributes to the prevention of wrinkles; acts as an anti-oxidant againsting the racidals calms and regenerates the skin.

  1. Lubex anti-age eye excellence

Lubex anti-age eye excellence counteracts the signs of the times by smoothing facial expressions and age lines, tightening and intensely hydrating the eye area.

  1. Lubex anti-age eye intensive

Lubex anti-age eye intensive replenishes the skin's moisture deposits and gives the eye area its radiant appearance.

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