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Collagen is one of the most abundant structural proteins found in our bodies, forming much of the connective tissue in our bodies, including skin, bones, skin, tendons and muscles.

In recent years, collagen has garnered world-wide attention for its miraculous skin, hair and nail benefits. Collagen makes up over 80% of our skin, which helps us to preserve skin elasticity, improve hydration and prevent signs of aging. Numerous studies have shown that the best way to boost collagen production is by taking a high quality collagen supplement.

Regarding to high quality collagen supplement, Vita Collagen Complex Plus is absolutely a wise choice.

Why Vita Collagen Complex Plus?

More than a magic beauty potion. This innovative combination of vital substances, based on the popular Vita Collagen Complex but with the unique 5 Plus (Energy metabolism, Vision, Muscles, Bones and Nervous system)for health and beauty. 100% made in Switzerland.

Avoid skin aging and cellulite, anti-wrinkle effect.
More protection and better immune system.
More power and energy.
For a healthy collagen structure and musculoskeletal system.

Beverage powder with collagen hydrolysate, hyaluronic acid, glucosamine, coenzyme Q10, astaxanthin, lutein, lycopene, plant extracts, amino acids, vitamins and trace elements.

How to take it
Mix one serving, 1 sachet with 200ml-300ml of water or prepare in a shaker. It has a orange flavor.

Comparison between Vita Collagen Complex and Vita Collagen Complex Plus

Target group
Vita Collagen Complex is for people from 20 - 80 years, with the desire of a beautiful, smooth skin while Vita Collagen Complex Plus is for people 50+ who love innovations and the best preparations.

Vita Collagen Complex and Vita Collagen Complex Plus both are good for Collagen formation, Connective tissue, Skin | Hair | Nails, Immune System, Vitality, but Vita Collagen Complex Plus has further benefits than Vita Collagen Complex, such as the benefit for Energy metabolism, Vision, Muscles, Bones and Nervous system.

Nutritional values
Vita Collagen Complex Plus contains all the nutritional values in Vita Collagen Complex Plus, other then that, Vita Collagen Complex Plus has additional nutritional values than Vita Collagen Complex Plus, such as OPC Pine Bark Extract, OPC Grape Seed Extract, Collagen (UC II), Vitamin B12, Folic acid and L-Arginine, etc. (Details see in the image below)

Overall, Vita Collagen Complex Plus is an advanced supplement compared to Vita Collagen Complex. But Vita Collagen Complex has a lower price then Vita Collagen Complex Plus, and it packs as 30 sachets per box which is It's a month's supply, while Vita Collagen Complex Plus packs with less sachets per box (20 sachets).

Vita Collagen Complex and Vita Collagen Complex Plus are both great supplement but target to different group.

Where to buy Vita Collagen Complex Plus
Vita Collagen Complex is available on Beauty & The Lion online shop and in the store located in Interlaken. Check it out now and get a special discount!

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