Valdoré treatment is based on the best formulas and advanced technologies in hair care.

"Our production is located in Geneva, Switzerland – one of the world's most eco-friendly countries with outstanding achievements in medicine and cosmetology, and with the highest quality standards."

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Description Valdore recovering conditioner 150ml Intensively nourishes and repairs your hair Silky and smooth feeling after wash Natural antioxidants protect hair from free radicals and UV  Strengthens hair keratin Nourishes and moisturises hair Protects the colour of the hair Recommended for regimen use with Revitalizing...

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Description Valdore intensive hair loss prevention program 4 WEEKS COMPLETE COURSE IN THE SET +58% FASTER HAIR GROWTH IN 2 WEEKS* Stem cells energy for the beauty of your hair Prevents hair loss  Stimulates natural hair growth Thickens and strengthens the hair Acts on all...

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Description Valdore recovering shampoo 200ml Stem cells energy for the beauty of your hair: Mild formula for gentle scalp and hair care. Suitable for all hair types Microencapsulated plant stem cells extracts promote natural hair growth Peptide complex improves keratinisation and strengthens your hair Vegetable...

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