Farfalla sleep good set

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Farfalla sleep good set

Welcome to the realm of purple dreams! The fragrance of lavender will reliably and gently bring you peace of mind and help you enjoy a restful sleep. The pillow spray consists of relaxing and soothing 100% pure essential oils (lavender, neroli, melissa, rose, bergamot). Content of the round can: 30 ml pillow spray “Sleep well”, Cotton sachet with lavender blossoms.


Before going to bed, give a few short puffs of the spray to the pillow. Place the lavender blossoms sachet next to your pillow or place it in your wardrobe for a pleasant fragrance.

  • Sleep Well Lavender Good Night Pillow Mist: The mist contains 100% natural essential oils that soothe and relax the body, mind and soul.
  • Cotton pouch with lavender blossoms: Lavender blossoms calm the mind, body and soul.


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