Hormeta time absolute cream with MPC 50 ml

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Hormeta time absolute cream with MPC 50 ml

A cream with a powdered finish to fight sagging skin and restore elasticity and suppleness. HormeTIME products have been designed to correct wrinkles, smooth fine lines and restore skin firmness, density, suppleness, tonicity and comfort.

- Stimulate the skin’s elasticity network.

- Smooth rough textures and reduce shadows on the skin.

- Boost natural hyaluronic acid production.

- Limit the occurrence of shiny zones.


A cream on the cutting-edge of biotechnology, packed full of restructuring, volumizing and elasticity-generating active ingredients to help strengthen the dermal matrix, improve suppleness and elasticity of the skin, and help reduce the brightness areas.

A matte and powdery finish, super-soft texture. Suitable for normal and combination skin. Apply in the morning to a thoroughly cleansed face and neck.

  • - HORMETA Oligocos 5 complex (Hydration, protection, repair)
  • - Hyalustim ( Fights sagging, restores suppleness and elasticity)
  • - Soft focus powder ( Mattifies and creates a soft focus effect)
  • - Alpinia galanga extract ( Restructures and adds volume)
  • - Dill extract ( Reinforces the structure of the skin )
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