Niance genr8 biotic nutritional supplement weight management 30 sachets

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Whether you’re looking for a weight loss or a weight gain supplement, this product is designed to help you find the perfect balance. Containing Gentian Root with its powerful bioactive compounds; Nettle & Tarragon Leaves, Ginger Root, Barley Grass, this active organic shot blends Chinese Wolfberry and Asiatic Cornelian Cherry Fruit. This active concoction utilizes effective Triple Biotics (pre- pro- post-biotics) to colonize and strengthen intestinal flora is what gives this nutritional supplement a potent power for visible results.

Mixing the best of best plants/herbs from around the globe with groundbreaking Swiss biotechnology and finding the perfect balance, make the GENR8® BIOTIC Nutritional Supplements a truly unique product. This weight management supplement promotes a healthy digestive system and stimulates the body’s metabolism to leave you feeling internally balanced and looking sleek & slim.


  • Regulating weight loss or gain
  • Promoting a healthy digestive system
  • Nourishing intestinal flora
  • Reducing abdominal bloating
  • Stabilizing weight
  • Boosting energy level
  • Supporting immunity
  • Reducing signs of aging and promoting longevity


    • Shake the sachet before drinking
    • Open carefully
    • Take 1 complete shot per day, preferably 30 minutes before lunch
    • Best over 30 days


    Nettle leaves, Gentian root, Tarragon leaves, Chinese ginger root, Barley grass, Hibiscus, Quinces, Black pepper, Tonkin cord tree root, Asiatic cornelian cherry fruit,
    Chinese wolfberry, Lotus leaf, Lactobacillus rhamnosus, Lactobacillus plantarum, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Swiss Alpine water.



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