Plantavis chaga powder organic - "god's gift" 145 gram

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Chaga, also known in Siberia as the "gift of God" or "mushroom of immortality". In Siberia it was already used in the 16th century AD as a folk remedy for various ailments. However, unlike most mushrooms, this vital fungus is hard like wood. It is found on trees, mostly birch trees, it is black like coal and very irregular in structure.

The Japanese call it the "diamond of the forest", the Chinese the "king of plants". It is probably the most nutrient-rich of all vital mushrooms growing on trees. Despite its exceptional status as a medicinal mushroom of different peoples, it is unknown to most westerners.

In order to survive in even the most adverse conditions, the Chaga concentrates abundant natural defense substances within itself. These concentrated natural substances make the vital mushroom so incredibly valuable.

As a rule, the Chaga is not harmful to the tree, but enters into a symbiotic relationship with it. To strengthen and heal the tree, it produces a variety of substances such as phytosterols, phenols and enzymes. The Chaga mushroom is rich in nutrients such as:

Minerals: manganese, magnesium, potassium, copper, zinc


 Recommended dosage
Stir 1 measuring spoon (=5.5g) 1-3 times daily into liquid, smoothies or shakes in combination with fruit or fruit juices, other superfoods, milk, yoghurt or water, sprinkle over food or take as a tea infusion. 


 100% pure organic chage powder from wild collection organic



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