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Swiss Perfection is the first brand to apply vegetal cellular extraction technology to cosmetics. Using the Cellular Active IRISA® complex, the company carries on the legacy of a pioneering Swiss family, with the goal to continuously provide the most advanced solutions in Anti-aging Skin Care.

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Description Swiss Perfection cellular exfoliating solution 30 ml The premium formula of this cellular exfoliating solution developed by Swiss Perfection has a powerful effect on cell renewal. The skin's natural renewal process is activated and strengthened, for a smooth and resilient epidermis. The solution activates the skin's...

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Description Swiss Perfection RS-28 cellular intensive treatment 7* 3 ml This RS-28 intensive cellular treatment formulated by Swiss Perfectoin targets wrinkles and loss of elasticity. It contains the highest concentration of the company's signature anti-aging compound. The treatment offers you an absolute global anti-aging effect, it promotes cell regeneration,...

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Description Swiss Perfection cellular RS-28 anti-oxidant treatment 6ml*7 This anti-oxidant treatment formulated by Swiss Perfection is a 28-day concentrated cure and consists of a serum and powder to be mixed just before use. The cure acts as a shield protecting the skin against external aggressors. It combats...

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Description Swiss Perfection cellular RS-28 rejuvenation serum 30 ml This cellular serum formulated by Swiss Perfection combines soothing and calming extracts to relieve inflammation and protect the cellular structure. The serum protects the skin from premature skin aging, and maintains an optimal level of hydration. It calms...

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Description Swiss Perfection perfect lift cream 50 ml This luxurious and rich cellular cream formulated by Swiss Perfectiontargets the signs of aging such as loss of elasticity and wrinkles. It is able to restore skin firmness and fade wrinkles by mimicking the skin's natural ability to...

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Description Swiss Perfection cellular balancing water 100 ml The specific formula of this rebalancing cellular water created by Swiss Perfect instantly balances the skin's natural pH level, while optimally preparing it for the cellular treatments to follow. It tightens pores, calms irritation and evens out the skin....

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Description Swiss Perfection perfect lift eye cream 15 ml This cellular lifting eye cream has been developed by Swiss Perfectionto strengthen the eye area, protecting it against the signs of time such as loss of firmness, wrinkles and dehydration, reactivating the skin's ability to produce collagen...

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Description Swiss Perfection cellular perfect lift serum 30 ml The formula of this lifting serum developed by Swiss Perfection contains maximum concentrations of active ingredients, to provide an effective response to sagging skin, its loss of firmness and wrinkles. The serum acts as a natural facelift, compensating...

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Description Swiss Perfection cellular RS-28 rejuvenation eye serum 15 ml This cellular eye serum formulated by Swiss Perfection provides comprehensive anti-ageing prevention. While targeting moisture loss, this powerful concentrate reshapes the eye area and improves skin structure. The serum plumps the eye area and visibly reduces the...

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Description Swiss Perfection cellular soothing facial lotion 30 ml This soothing cellular face lotion formulated by Swiss Perfection is a soothing hydra-fluid treatment that protects sensitive and reactive skin, thanks to its innovative formula. It soothes, softens and moisturises the skin, while combating diffuse redness and irritation....

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Description Swiss Perfection cellular RS-28 anti-dark spot serum 30 ml This cellular anti-spot serum formulated by Swiss Perfection is a unique, high-end skincare product that lightens pigment spots and clarifies skin tone. The serum eliminates pigmentation spots to reveal an even and clarified complexion. It fights and...

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Description Swiss Perfection cellular RS-28 rejuvenation secret mask This cellular mask kit composed by Swiss Perfection contains ultra pure collagen of the highest quality. The precursor optimises the benefits of the mask by delivering its own anti-ageing properties into the skin. The concentrated formula of RS-28 Cellular Post...

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Description Swiss Perfection cellular regenerating skin cream 30ml This regenerating cellular cream formulated by Swiss Perfectoin is a true beauty treatment. It significantly improves the skin's texture, softens and prevents the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It repairs and intensely nourishes the skin and optimally protects...

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Swiss Perfection cellular purifying gel 100 ml This purifying cellular gel formulated by Swiss Perfection gently removes impurities without altering the hydrolipidic film. The gel removes all traces of make-up and pollution residues, while preserving the skin's hydrolipidic film. Its formula contains natural extracts that soothe, and...

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Description Swiss Perfection cellular hydra recovery cream 30 ml This cellular repair cream formulated by Swiss Perfection is a long-term skin moisture optimizer. Its specific active ingredients provide instant skin care. The cream deeply moisturises your skin, and has highly repairing and regenerating properties. Its soothing action...

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Description Swiss Perfection cellular nourishing eye cream 15 ml This nourishing cellular eye cream formulated by Swiss Perfection works visibly and multidimensionally against the first signs of aging. The cream rebalances the skin's natural hydrolipidic film. It nourishes the skin while protecting it from environmental damage, and...

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Description Swiss Perfection cellular essential vitamin cream 30 ml This essential vitamin-enriched cellular cream formulated by Swiss Perfection is the perfect solution to reduce oxidative stress with its free radical neutralizing action, provided by beneficial antioxidants and anti-radicals in the molecular form of a vitamin concentrate. It...

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Description Swiss Perfection cellular deep cleansing emulsion 100 ml This Cellular Deep Cleansing Emulsion formulated by Swiss Perfection thoroughly removes impurities, dust particles and makeup, leaving skin perfectly clean and purified. It provides deep cleansing, offering maximum comfort and nutrition for the skin. Its action is soothing and moisturising,...

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Description Swiss Perfection marine caviar treatment A pure concentrate of marine and plant energy, this treatment formulated by Swiss Perfection is inspired by the most recent discoveries in skin regeneration and offers the ultimate in intensive revitalising cures. It works immediately and dramatically: the treatment plumps and...

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Description Swiss Perfection Night Recovery Mask MEN NEW This regenerating night mask formulated by SWISS PERFECTION combines active ingredients for intensive regeneration, stimulating collagen production and highly effective moisturising and soothing agents. Stimulating cell renewal, it slows down the skin's ageing process. The mask relaxes the skin and...

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Description Swiss Perfection Skin Protection Lotion MEN NEW The innovative formula of this protective lotion formulated by SWISS PERFECTION helps to combat the skin's ageing process and damage from external aggressors, including the effects of blue light. It provides long-lasting hydration, reinforces the skin's natural protective barrier and...

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Description Swiss Perfection Active Face Gel Cleanser MEN NEW This resourcing eye contour cream formulated by SWISS PERFECTION combines active ingredients such as the Cellular active IRISA complex, precious immortelle and iconic edelweiss. Your skin is firmer, wrinkles and fine lines reduced. The cream ensures optimal hydration and rapid...

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Description Swiss Perfection Active Face Gel Cleanser MEN NEW This active facial cleansing gel formulated by SWISS PERFECTION, designed for the specific needs of men's skin, gently and thoroughly removes all impurities, dust and pollution residues from the skin's surface. The gel is recommended for all...

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Description Swiss Perfection Cleansing Oil This luxurious cellular cleansing oil has been formulated by SWISS PERFECTION with precious botanical oils combined with the signature Cellular Active IRISA complex. It gently dissolves make-up, dust produced by pollution as well as impurities. It provides skin with deep cleansing and leaves skin...

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