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Skin689 stands for highly effective cosmetics made exclusively in Switzerland.

As a specialist in the correction of undesirable visible skin changes, skin689 combines proven ingredients with innovative skin-firming active ingredients to treat cellulite and contour loss. The anti-cellulite cream is the best-seller of the young Swiss brand.

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Description Skin689 bio-cellulose face mask 20 ml The bio-cellulose hyaluronic face mask from skin689 ® smoothes and refreshes the facial skin quickly and sustainably. Provides with its fine network of bio-cellulose for instant recovery. Their fine natural fibers are obtained from natural coconut water in a biotechnological process and...

Description Skin689 firm skin décolleté and neck cream 50ml treat décolleté wrinkles with a new kind of cosmeceutical . The skin tightening cream effectively tightens the skin and restores its elasticity. The result is less wrinkles and a nice cleavage and a younger looking neck after just a few...

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Description Skin689 firm skin upper arms cream 40 ml An emulsion that tightens the skin of your upper arms . With the help of CHacoll® as part of a unique combination of active ingredients , the emulsion specifically supports the formation of the collagen fiber network by stimulating energy metabolism and promoting the breakdown of fatty...

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Description Skin689 firm skin décolleté mask 25 ml The skin689 ® décolleté mask smooths, nourishes and refreshes the sensitive skin of the décolleté - quickly and sustainably. Ensures instant regeneration with its fine network of bio-cellulose. The natural fibers are obtained from natural coconut water in a biotechnological process and fermented into a...

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Description Skin689 cream anti-cellulite 100 ml stimulates with its exclusive patented active ingredient CHacoll ® to the collagen synthesis in the subcutaneous tissues, helps as effective within 4 to 12 weeks for cellulite and smoothes the skin.  CHacoll ® promotes the formation of collagen fibers. The subcutaneous fiber network under...

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Description Skin689 firm skin tummy and hips cream 100 ml Since "hip gold" does not always increase our well-being, skin689 - the Swiss expert for firm skin - has now also dedicated itself to this part of the body and developed a cream that has...

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Description Skin689 firm skin hand and finger cream 40 ml  The hands - a mirror of our life. The cream helps to improve elasticity after just a few applications. The special composition of active ingredients helps to maintain the elasticity of the skin , support the collagen network and maintain...

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