The range offers a highly innovative approach to anti-aging, based on an understanding of the molecular mechanisms involved in the maintenance and repair of the skin structures.

Nescens cosmeceutical products blur the line between cosmetics and pharmaceutics. They contain biologically-active components, selected on the basis of scientific data resulting from biomedical research.

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Description Nescens renewing gel mask eye contour area 30ml Dark circles - bags - wrinkles: corrects the 3 signs of aging specific to the eye contour area in a single gesture.  Cosmetical benefit:  - 30 active ingredients are brought together in an unprecedented gel texture...

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Description Nescens metabolic activator toner face 150 ml Stimulates cell function and tones the skin tissues. Pores appear tightened and the skin’s texture more refined, with a smoother-looking surface. Cosmetical benefit:  - Stimulates metabolic cell functions- Encourages the natural exfoliation of the epidermis- Improves the...

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Description Nescens limited bio identical rehydrating serum face 50 ml The ultra-powerful facial hydration solution When simple hydration is not enough for your skin, re-hydration is your best option. It specifically designed for the treatment of chronically dry skin to offset the effects of extreme weather conditions....

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Description Nescens dark spot correcting serum face & body 30ml Nescens dark spot correcting serum makes a significant breakthrough in the correction of skin alterations related to photo-aging. It combines the most high-performance active ingredients with proven clinical effectiveness in helping reduce the appearance of localised dark spots induced...

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Description Nescens bio identical restoring mask face 100ml Delivers active ingredients essential to the re-lipidation and restoration of the skin, which becomes hydrated, firm, and resistant. This innovative process is said to be “bio-identical” because it nourishes the skin by providing bio-identical lipids which are...

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Description Nescens PHA Resurfacing Emulsion – Body 200 ml Skin roughness is reduced. The skin looks young again, feeling soft, smooth and supple. Pump bottle 200ml Cosmetical benefit - Thourougly cleanses the skin- Removes dead cells and impurities- The skin regains radiance and softness-  Provides a...

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Description Nescens bio identical lipid replenshing cream face 50ml Nescens researchers have developed a treatment for the offset and reactivation of the elements that the skin needs to restore its ideal moisture levels. These elements, called lipids, would otherwise naturally deteriorate. This process needs to...

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Description Nescens cellular renewal emulsion face night 30 ml Night is the perfect time to act on the facial skin’s repair process. It is finally possible to enjoy a fresh and youthful complexion upon waking. Nescens Cellular Renewal Emulsion contains highly concentrated active ingredients with...

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Description Nescens detoxifying exfoliating cleanser face and body 75 ml Nescens Research has developed the first all-in-one anti-aging cleanser that can be used in the shower, based on ultra-innovative «cell cleaning» technology, stimulating the process of skin self-regeneration. The skin looks ultra-clean, fresh and clear. To maintain...

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Description Nescens anti skin slackening complex - body 200 ml Skin roughness is reduced. The skin looks young again, feeling soft, smooth and supple. Pump bottle 200ml Cosmetical benefit Restores the integrity of the intercellular cement, improving the physical and mechanical properties of the epidermis...

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Description Nescens keratolytic complex face 15ml An extremely powerful face exfoliator. Your skin will be visibly smoother, as if freshly toned and firmed. Skin roughness is diminished while the appearance of pores is tightened. The complexion appears more even and the youthful appearance of facial features...

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Description Nescens sequential peeling body 175 ml Nescens Sequential Peeling brings a powerful renewing effect to the epidermis. Nescens research has developed a unique exfoliation process based on a sequential triple action: biomimetic, enzymatic, and mechanic. Cell renewal, which slows down with age, is reactivated,...

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