Dr. Wild depurdent clean & polish: ultimate dental care for a radiant smile

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Dr. Wild & Co depurdent 75 ml

For a brilliant smile
Paste for teeth cleaning
To obtain noticeably clean and dazzling white teeth.

Introducing DEPURDENT® Clean & Polish Tooth Cleaning Paste, your new solution for an optimal tooth cleaning regimen. Despite regular cleaning, tooth discoloration from everyday factors like nicotine, coffee, and tea is often hard to prevent. Enter DEPURDENT® Clean & Polish, a cleaning and polishing paste with high cleaning power (abrasion value, RDA value: approx. 200), designed to combat superficial discoloration. It incorporates finely ground pumice stone, a tried-and-true standard abrasive natural product, free of chemical bleaching agents and enzymes. Used once or twice weekly on a damp toothbrush, it can restore the sparkle to your teeth.

The DEPURDENT® Clean & Polish Mouth Rinse supplements the cleaning effect by inhibiting the initial formation of dental plaque, crucial in the fight against discoloration. This mouth rinse can be used daily and also contains sodium fluoride to support cavity prevention, making it an excellent complement to the DEPURDENT® Clean & Polish Tooth Cleaning Paste.

EFFECT: Removes dental plaque and teeth discoloration with polishing effect.


Apply DEPURDENT® Clean & Polish tooth cleaning paste to a damp toothbrush 1-2 times a week. Brush and polish stained areas using small, circular motions. If you have sensitive tooth necks or enamel damage, consult your dentist before using the paste or consider switching to EMOFORM® Diamond toothpaste. Use DEPURDENT® Clean & Polish mouth rinse daily for best results.


The DEPURDENT® Clean & Polish Tooth Cleaning Paste and Mouth Rinse are power-packed with high-performing ingredients. The paste includes finely ground natural pumice stone, proven to clean and polish effectively. Both the paste and rinse are free from chemical bleaching agents and enzymes, with the rinse containing sodium fluoride for additional cavity protection.



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