Dr. Wild emofluor pro twin care: for sensitive teeth & dental erosion

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Introducing EMOFLUOR® Twin Care Toothpaste, providing dual protection for sensitive teeth and dental erosion. This unique formula combines the highly effective, mineral tin fluoride with the award-winning CUROLOX® TECHNOLOGY. This double protective layer efficiently prevents erosion and quickly desensitizes sensitive teeth by sealing the dentin tubules.

EMOFLUOR® Twin Care's protective effect relies on combining the shielding properties of mineral tin fluoride and the biomimetic protective layer of CUROLOX® TECHNOLOGY. The mineral tin fluoride forms an insoluble, mineral protective film on the tooth surface, acting as a fluoride reservoir, increasing acid resistance, and providing anti-erosion and caries-protective effects.

The CUROLOX® TECHNOLOGY, awarded the SWISS TECHNOLOGY® AWARD, is based on a biomimetic molecule that forms a matrix with a high affinity to dentin and enamel. This matrix adheres to the tooth hard substance like a Velcro fastener, sealing the dentin tubules with a second protective barrier.

EFFECT: Prevents erosion, desensitizes and protects pain-sensitive teeth.


Apply it in the morning and evening. EMOFLUOR® Twin Care Toothpaste is suitable for adults and children over 6 years of age. It is vegan-friendly.


Contains sodium- and stannous fluoride.



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