Farfalla aromakids, fond of focus aroma blend

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Farfalla aromakids, fond of focus aroma blend 5ml

If children find it difficult to sit still and concentrate on a task, the right scents can provide valuable support. Selected essential oils from citrus fruits, white fir and others can create a positive learning atmosphere and be beneficial when it comes to issues such as enjoyment of learning and focus. Ideal for homework, exams, and other mental tasks. In a scent stick, a perfect companion for school, for other learning places use in a fragrance lamp/diffuser and ventilate well before/after. For a carefree school time.

Uplifting citrus, silver fir needle, and other essential oils create a positive and receptive atmosphere, add to the joy of learning, and help with focus and concentration. Helps children relax and be motivated. 100% bio. 

Fragrance Notes: Woody, Citrus / Citrusy


For Scent Stick & Diffuser


Sweet Orange, Red Mandarin, Bergamot, Citron and others from natural essential oils of organic quality


Ventilate rooms well before and after.



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