Swiss Cosmetic Brands | Top 5 Swiss Cosmetic Companies

The Swiss are known for their precision in manufacturing and quality control. They also excel at creating innovative beauty products that are safe and effective.

In fact, Switzerland has more than 100 cosmetics companies, making it one of the largest producers of cosmetics in Europe. Discover the top 5 Swiss cosmetic brands today!

1. Swiss Perfection

Swiss Perfection is the first brand to apply vegetal cellular extraction technology to cosmetics. Using the Cellular Active IRISA® complex, the company carries on the legacy of a pioneering Swiss family, with the goal to continuously provide the most advanced solutions in Anti-aging Skin Care.

Recommended product: Swiss Perfection RS-28 cellular intensive treatment 7* 3 ml

This treatment has been designed to provide an absolute Anti-Aging action. It combines two highly potent components stored separately to preserve their efficiency. 

2. Cell Premium

Cell Premium has been on the market since 2007 - the world's first Swiss luxury line based on plant stem cells. Found by dermatologist Dr. med. Harald Gerny, Cell Premium combines the impressive capabilities of medical cosmetics with the basic principles of cosmetics – to achieve skin results that can be seen and felt immediately.

Recommended product: Cell Premium icon eye cream 30 ml

The ultimate scientific eye care that specifically counteracts the visible signs of aging.

3. Epigeneva

Drawing inspiration from nature’s heroes, gifted with extraordinary capacities, and their diets, Epigeneva has extracted only the finest elements from plants and minerals, which are then combined with the latest cutting-edge scientific advances to develop fully unique and high-performance formulas.

Recommended product: Epigeneva regeneration serum

Effectiveness : Eclosion primitive® moisturizes and stimulates the skin’s biomechanics properties to enhance your beauty.

4. Niance

Headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, NIANCE was born in 2007 and has since been driven by a passion to discover and enhance the body’s natural ability to recover and rejuvenate. NIANCE combines the highest standard of pure, natural, active ingredients with leading Swiss clinical research for proven and sustainable results.

Recommended product: Niance hydrating mask intensify 50 ml

Specifically created to enrich and revitalise, this hydrating mask dives deep below the surface of the skin for stunning results.. 

5. Lubex

40 years Permamed - the company behind Lubex anti-age. Permamed is one of Switzerland’s leading pharmaceutical companies in the field of dermatology. All Lubex anti-age treatments are developed in their own research department and are then being manufactured according to GMP standards in Therwil near Basel.

Recommended product: Lubex anti-age hydrating oil 30ml

Lubex anti-age® hydration oil significantly contributes to the prevention of wrinkles; acts as an anti-oxidant againsting the racidals calms and regenerates the skin.

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